The Fizz

Cannabis Delivered

  • $9.00

The Fizz:

The Fizz is our flagship line of small batch, all-natural, 10mg craft beverages. For a sweet experience, try the Original Fizz in its ginger root, lemon-lime, or natural cola flavors.


Sparkling Water:

When we first set out to make The Fizz Sparkling Water, we knew that our approach had to be uncompromising. So uncompromising, in fact, that we invented a new production method to make sure we got it right.


Kwik Ease:

Like its namesake, our Pineapple Express is some of the finest stuff around. Packing a crisp lemon-lime bite and an infusion of the strain it’s named after, this shot provides the perfect gentle jolt to carry you through a busy afternoon or a late night out. No caffeine, no crash, no problem.

 *Contains: CO2 cannabis oil infused in water with honey, lemon juice, ginger root, natural flavor, orange and quillaja bark extracts, and citric acid. 


Kwik Zzz's:

Specially brewed to ease insomnia and otherwise sleepless nights, Kwik Zzzs contains traditional healing herbs such as lavender, chamomile, and Valerian root. These herbs are combined with our premium kushberry indica extract and a delicious elderberry flavor, making Kwik Zzzs the most satisfying way to achieve a good night’s rest.

 *Contains: CO2 cannabis oil infused in water with honey, lemon juice, chamomile, ginger root, lavender, valerian root & orange peel extracts, and citric acid. 


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