Jars for Arts

As a non-profit corporation that calls Los Angeles home, we feel that we should begin giving back as much as we can to the community that has helped us grow into the collective that we are today.

That is why we have decided to begin offering donations to the Heart Of Los Angeles (HOLA) program. A fantastic charity that gives underprivileged children the opportunity to participate in art, athletics, and other confidence building and education-furthering programs.


We believe we have a corporate and moral responsibility to give back as much as we can, and while we are still a small operation we will give what we can.

For every jar returned we will give you, the patient, the choice to donate $5 to HOLA. If you decide to return the jars and put the money toward HOLA, we will match your donation with $5 of our own.

Together, if we can make even the smallest difference in one child’s life, we’ll have achieved something great.