F/eld x Space Coyote Live Resin Infused Preroll Packs

F/eld Extracts

  • $61.00

2.5 Grams Total (5 Half Gram joints) Per Pack

Do you love Space Coyotes but hate having to take a break halfway through because you’re too glazed? Space Coyotes now come in packs! Enter the 5 pack collab from your friends at Space Coyote and Field Extracts. With everything you love about Space Coyotes – the extract infusion, the potency, the delicious flavor – now in minis. Still gets you super stoned, still tastes great, but reimagined into a 5 pack of convenient half gram doobies in a collectible, reusable tin. Easily shareable, but really just designed for a stoner who likes to puff their own, these personal joints are a great way to enjoy the Space Coyote potency and flavor multiple times a week.

Sativa - Jack Herer Herb From Mood Made Farms with Purple Tangie Live Resin (extracted by Field Extracts). Rolled with tangy Jack Herer herb and Purple Tangie live resin, these terp heavy infused mini-doobs are great accompaniment to a day at the beach, your lunch break, or playing music. 

Flavor notes: Christmas tangerines, zebra stripe gum, electrified citrus peels

Indica - Scott's OG Herb with OG Kush Live Resin (extracted by Field Extracts). Rolled with Scott’s OG herb and OG live resin from Field, we love the classic OG funk and bubble gum flavors that accompany a fairly functional body high. Expect a nice balanced body high, but not overwhelming couch lock!

Flavor notes: Bazooka Joe Bubble gum, fir trees, classic OG Funk



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