Double OG - Legion Of Bloom .5g Cart

Double OG - Legion Of Bloom .5g Cart

legion of bloom

  • $41.00

Our California Sauce Cartridge is more than premium refined live resin, it is a representation of excellence.

Just like the Golden State, California Sauce is rich in experience and full of flavor. Everything you would expect from the the Legion of Bloom. A pure, quality, terpene rich cannabis experiences


Double OG (Big Bud Afgoo X SFV OG) Uniting two tasty indica juggernauts, Big Bud Afgoo and SFV OG, to induce an incredibly heady entourage effect that is designed to satisfy those with high THC tolerances.  If you’re looking for a deliciously heavy cannabis experience that will help you mellow out and slow your roll, Double OG is the cart for you. Notes of diesel fuel, with deep earthy overtone

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