Strain Review: Super Silver Haze - Forbidden Flowers (Bella Thorne)

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Hey there Pottery crew, got a fresh new strain review for ya'll. This time featuring a brand new collaboration between Glass House Farms & actress Bella Thorne. The two decided to go with a fan favorite strain for their sativa option with Super Silver Haze one of the most famous strains worldwide! Glass House Farms grew a superior batch with this one than they normally do it tests higher than there normal SSH & looks nicer aswell; So without further ado let's get into this review.

    Super Silver Haze is an awesome cross of Northern Lights x Skunk x Haze so it gives you a very unique high as it has aspects from all three of those respective strains. A fun fact about this strain that not many people know is that Super Silver Haze was the 1st place winner of the first three High Times Cannabis Cup 1997-1999! SSH is a very energetic, happy, uplifting high, with a long lasting body high aswell but not of the sedating type. SSH is known to help treat anxiety, stress, & even depression. The main tastes you should be getting from this bud is herbal, peppery, & a splash of citrus. Glass House Farms grew amazing dense, sticky, beautiful light green nugs, with green hairs throughout, & a thick layer of trichomes coating everything down to the stems!

     Bella Thorne's first foray into the cannabis industry is seeming like a good move the first batch of her collaboration flower has been selling like hot cakes, & feedback has been well received thus far. Personally it's a solid Super Silver Haze if you love the strain it's definitely one to pickup forsure, or even if you've never tried it and are looking for a solid upper mid-range sativa choice this is the option. Testing in a 23% THC this is a sativa that will keep you energetic throughout the day for whatever you have planned. Hope ya'll enjoyed this review of one of our new strains.

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