Strain Review: Smarties - Connected Cannabis Co.

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

       Hey there, Pottery gang we got another review for you guys! This time it's gonna be the Indica dominant hybrid strain Smarties from the people at Connected Cannabis Co. They have been perfecting this strains genetics for awhile and they may have finally done it with this batch (Packaged on: 10/07/19). 

       This batch just dropped on Friday in our stores, and i picked up this smarties after not getting any for a batch. The THC percentage is testing very high at 28.90% which makes it a very heavy hitter! The lineage comes from Blue City Diesel (Blueberry Indica x NYC Diesel)  crossed with Girl Scout Cookies (Durban Poison x OG Kush). Smarties has an amazing taste palette you have hints of citrus, blueberries, and a tart/bitter taste on the backend, some will link it to the candy of which this strain gets its name from! The smell is fruity hints of blueberries  but mainly has a pungent OG Kush aroma. 

      The buds are beautiful and when i say coated in beautiful shiny trichomes that truly is an understatement. If there was a weed show judging how beautiful cannabis buds are this one who definitely take home the gold! So in conclusion from the people over at Connected, have gotten this Smarties strain to essentially perfection it has a full body high that is really strong in its effects due to the 28% THC it carries, an amazing OG/blueberry smell that anyone would love, & then the taste to match! I recommend grabbing this before it's gone because it will sell out citywide quick.  

If you wanna check out Connected products click the link below!          

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