Strain Review: Sherbacio Live Resin Sauce - Alien Labs

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

          Hey guys & gals, Pottery LA team with another review this time a concentrate by Alien Labs. This is one of the biggest companies in the cannabis world right now so they should need no prior introduction. Let's jump right into this review and let me tell ya'll what i though about this wax.

          Sherbacio flower from Alien Labs has an absolutely unique and tasty flavor and this live resin sauce basically tastes 1:1 with it, it's honestly pretty amazing that they kept so much of the terpenes with this sauce. Besides the amazing flavor it packs a very strong high not recommended for beginners unless you take properly portioned dabs which should be smaller than normal at first to test your tolerance. The high is a very heavy and sedating high that should be saved for days off or the end of the day. This concentrate is a collaboration with royal key extracts so it may be a pretty limited run i'd try to snag this one for your collection soon!

          I'd say this is by far one of my favorite wax strains of 2019 and it should top or climb near the top of yours aswell if you give it a chance. One of the best tasting waxes with a high to match, an amazing indica/hybrid option for anyone looking for top shelf quality! 

If you wanna check out more Alien Labs products click the link below!

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