Strain Review: Skywalker Live Resin Sauce - Raw Garden

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

 Hey, there guys we're back with another review this time we're doing a new strain from the people over at Raw Garden who are one of my top three concentrate brands for sure. This name will automatically attract you if you're a fan of Star Wars but even if you're not this strain will still entice you after this review. 

   This strain has a very nice smell honestly i feel like it's hard to describe wax smells but any concentrate user out there can tell you, that some wax has a good smell and others have a bad, this one is definitely on the great side of that spectrum. The wax is a beautiful bright yellow color & if you sift through the sauce you'll find some diamonds throughout & those will be what you want to include in your dabs for the strongest wacks out of the container. Personally i have never had a bad experience with a Raw Garden product yet i have loved each and every one of there strains of wax & i have probably tried upwards of fifty different strains by them all have been fire! 

  My final opinion on this product is "Come for the name stay for the high!" i promise it wont disappoint. I highly recommend this strain if you're interested in a great couch locking high or looking for a way to go to sleep this is the one for you. Raw Garden's live resin sauce is created by using single-source clean green certified fresh-frozen, whole-plant flowers. Through advanced crystallization techniques, their sauce is refined into a flavorful concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids. I hope this review helped you guys learn & helped make you interested in this new strain by an amazing brand.


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