Strain Review: OG Kush - Josh D

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

        Hey there pottery crew we're back with another review today. Josh D is such a prominent name in the cannabis industry, and today we're talking about what they are known for which is OG Kush! If you were looking for the ideal OG you might have just found it with Josh D.

   This is Josh's original OG Kush, and it's as close as it comes to a classic, please-everyone strain. Users don't build up a tolerance to OGKS, so make this a staple of your stash and enjoy the smokehouse richness and balanced euphoria on the regular. The buds tend to be dense triangular-shaped buds with shiny, oily, diamond like trichomes.  Expect to feel a very "floaty" sensation in your body. This is the full body high you've been looking for, the perfect mellow day smoke. This strain features a rich complex aroma with notes of fuel, skunk, and spice. Highly recommend checking this one out, we regularly carry this strain. The new batch we just got has been looking extra good! 

    That's all we have to talk about today, hope ya'll enjoyed hearing a bit about this amazing strain from Josh D. To close out this review, i'd like to reiterate how nice of a high this flower gives, it is the most mellow, relaxed, couldn't have a bother in the world, relaxing on the couch kinda chill high that i almost always want! Check back weekly for more reviews.

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