Strain Review: N'ice Cream Live Resin Sauce - Connected Cannabis Co.

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

Hey there guys Pottery Delivery with another review for you guys! Today we're gonna be talking about one of my favorite concentrates (N'ice Cream) from this batch of Connected. I honestly went through roughly four grams of this stuff in a month... yes it's that good! 

N'ice Cream is an amazing cross of Now & Laters & Gelato creating an amazing indica hybrid sauce that hits hard the batch i used was testing at 76% THC. The Gelato strain from Connected is their money strain, it's their brand and its genes pull hard in this cross. The taste is very similar to the Gelato flower if you have tried that it has very Vanilla, with Lavender taste & smell. The high is extremely calming and relaxing for me, It put me in a very happy peaceful calm mood perfect for binging some netflix, or just hanging with your friends. The sauce had a lot of diamonds in it which i love, the color was a bright yellow with a pretty solid consistency not to liquidy! (Yes i know that's not a real word but you know what i mean). 

If you we're thinking about trying a Connected concentrate i highly recommend this one it has taken my spot as best wax by them, previously held by there Gelato 41 Shatter/Sauce. This is definitely not a beginner wax it my opinion if you're starting with wax don't go over a 65% THC level, I've seen a lot of people go too hard for their first time & then get too nervous too try again. But for my experienced wax consumers grab this one when you can it's truly a top shelf sauce. A quick summary before i go Now & Later crossed with Gelato to create a potent 76% THC diamond loaded sauce, with an amazing vanilla, lavender, taste/smell; and a relaxing, happy high! Hope ya'll enjoyed this review of N'ice cream. Check back weekly for new reviews on all your favorite current & upcoming products! 

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