Strain Review: Gushers - Connected Cannabis Co.

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

       Hey there Pottery crew today we have a really exciting strain to talk about from our fresh batch of Connected we just received. Everyone knows who Connected is so i'm gonna be quick in my description of the brand, They are one of the most popular and high quality brands in California. Connected has built their reputation by doing high quality small batch "connoisseur" flower. It's rare to see this brand on the shelf within a week of it being delivered to our store, That's how good this flower is.

       The strain we're gonna be talking about to is gonna be their Gushers. So let's begin with the lineage Gushers is a cross of Gelato 41 & Triangle Kush. That lineage makes Gushers roughly a 60/40 Indica hybrid strain, Which means it has an amazing full body high (Head high like sativas/Body high like indicas)! This amazing high is also combined with a great taste. You should find hints of sour tropical fruits and rich creamy cookies. The smell from these buds matches the taste, although with a slightly herbal overtone and of grapes. Gushers is supposed to be great for helping treat chronic stress or anxiety, depression and pains. These buds have elongated light green nugs with bright green leaves, lots of thin amber hairs and a  thick coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes.

       Hope ya'll learned a lot about one of the best tasting strains on the market right now. This is a great strain for all users recommended times of use would be when you're chilling at home and not looking to head out it's a very nice relaxing mellow strain. The quality is exactly what'd expect from Connected. I highly recommend giving this one a try! 

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