Strain Review : Gelato 41 Shatter - Connected

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

             This is a brand that should need no introduction it is one of the hottest cannabis companies on the market right now. This Gelato 41 is a cross of 

Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, creating a powerful indica shatter. This gelato gives you a very fruity, dessert-like taste & aroma that will keep you coming back for more, this has been one of my favorite shatter/wax strains of the year and should definitely be added to your must try list. 

           The shatter is a beautiful yellow color with sparkly "diamonds" shining throughout it is an absolutely mouthwatering strain literally. I found myself dabbing this strain a lot due to just how amazing the effects are it will hit you with a heavy high that is euphoric, relaxing, and if you do to much can be sleep inducing as it is an indica so pick the time of use carefully. Like i said earlier this strain has become one of my favorites and i'm sure it will become one of yours if you give this insane shatter a chance to show you what it's got!

           I hope this review helped you get a little more insight into the Gelato 41 strain from Connected maybe just shatter/wax in general. We like to do our reviews weekly so check back here to see what in-depth reviews we have of flower, wax, cartridges, and all cannabis related products! 

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