Strain Review: Cream Of The Crop - Kobe

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

   Hey there, Pottery gang we're back with another new strain review. This strain is named after the NBA Hall Of Famer Kobe Bryant! The color-way of the jar is a obvious nod to the Lakers with the purple & gold, perfect for any fan looking for a great strain. Cream Of The Crop is one of my personal favorite brands they are always consistent with amazing strains. 

    Let's start this off by talking about the lineage of this strain, It's a cross of Purple Punch x LA Confidential which makes this a full indica! This batch that we got which was packed on 11/09/19. The THC in this batch is pretty solid at 23% the buds are huge and dense with a nice fluffy look. While we wish we could say this strain's effects will allow you to dunk like Kobe, expect full body euphoria and relaxation! The indica dominance of this strain will have you sitting back and relaxing, laughing, and enjoying life...much like Kobe is in retirement.

     That finishes up our talk about the awesome Kobe strain by Cream Of The Crop and like i've previously stated if you want a great indica this is one we highly recommend you pick up before we sell out. This is an awesome heavy full body indica that'll leave you you relaxed and happy for hours. Thanks for checking out our review and i hope ya'll learned something about this awesome strain!

If you wanna check out our full selection of Cream Of The Crop that we have available click the link below!

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