Strain Review : Project Blue Book - 3C Farms

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

          Hey there everyone Pottery team here with another strain review for you guys this time we're reviewing Project blue book by 3C Farms. This is a sativa strain that'll keep you up and energized throughout the high. 3C Farms is a great cannabis option with some amazing strains for all types of smokers.

         Project blue book's lineage is amazing and that because it features the well known & extremely potent blue dream strain which 3C Farms crossed with their 3C majestic 12 strain to get this essentially upgraded blue dream strain! The strain creates a clear, focused, relaxed and calming experience for most users. It’s name originates from one of a series of systematic studies of UFOs conducted by the United States. It’s light green, peachy cholas are framed by neon tangerine.  Prepare to go to space with Project Blue Book!

        This is my go-to morning sativa right now to wake me up & get me ready for the day right now, this one packs a punch for a great prices. The buds are nice and dense featuring lovely orange hairs throughout with a nice layer of froster trichomes. I think lately 3C Farms has been on the rise in their quality and should definitely get a an A for effort cause they are growing absolutely amazing quality flower another quick recommend since i'm all finished up here, check out any of there OG strains for some gas!!!!

If you wanna check out more 3C Farms products check out the link below!

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