ROAM: Our Budtender Review

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First Impressions

When I sat down to test out my new Roam flavors, the first thing I noticed was their names. Unlike most vape pens, they weren't named after strains like Sour Diesel or Girl Scout Cookies, instead they have unique names that portray their desired effects: Rio Soul and NYC Hustle.

"Interesting," I thought, as I opened the beautiful, well constructed packaging. I tried NYC Hustle, which has a higher THC content than the others at 7:1(7 being the THC content and 1 being the CBD content).

I sat back and looked at the device. 500mg of oil sit in a sleek, portable, crimson pen. It would fit in perfectly in a quiet study or library. And that's exactly the aesthetic and feeling they're after, these aren't meant to get you off your rocker high, they're calming and purposeful.

The Smoke

The flavor isn't overwhelming, it's like a smooth puff of a warm, light cloud. Very enjoyable. I took two doses and set the pen down. The effects are slow onset (maybe 3 minutes or so) but once it hit me I was very happy.

The NYC Hustle is a sativa dominant blend, I did get some of the usual THC high but it was subtle enough that I wasn't debilitated...I would even say I was energized. 

As I always do, I try and explore when I'm enjoying cannabis. Whether that be around the city, or with reading new books or watching new movies. This time, I decided to hit Venice Beach.

Overall a great experience, it was relaxing but energizing...which sounds weird but it's the best way I know how to describe the feeling. I was smiling at everyone and everything on the boardwalk; from the odd paintings that I saw to the rollerblading man with no shirt. 

Final Thoughts

I would recommend the Roam to anyone who likes the CBD/THC mix. The formula they use is great, pain disappears and happiness floods in in its place. They're much less expensive than the Dosist pens that have the similar mix of CBD and THC and I think they look a bit better as well. Check them out if you like to have some of that CBD in your life.


Check out our Roam selection here.


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