Review: Puff-Co Peak Smart Rig

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

Hey guys, we have another review today but not on flower or concentrate instead we'll talk about probably the most innovative cannabis product of the year! The Puff-Co Peak is a powerhouse dab piece it requires no torch to get perfectly temped dabs at anytime. The peak has a very easy to use interface using only one button to change and set temps it makes it very straight forward to setup. It vibrates pretty hard to let you know when it's ready to go. The taste as long as you have your color indicator (Heat Level) set properly they will be perfect every time i usually like to leave it on the white light as i feel that's the perfect temperature. The practicality of this device is amazing you can take it & use it essentially anywhere due to its compact design and the fact that it self heats the dabs means you really just need this and wax and you're ready to go! The Peak base model retails at $380 and features many customization options to make it feel more like yours (i.e. colored glass, colored carb cap etc.) i know that this system may seem costly but let me do a price breakdown of all the things you'd need normally to do the same thing.

Normal Dab Rig = $100-200 / Torch = $50-$80 / Banger $20-$100 / Carb Cap $10-30 = $180-$410

So in all actuality the peak being a self contained unit no buying butane to fill up the torch, all these things add up to make the Peak the clear choice for piece of the year it's absolutely changed the way people can dab. So if you had any interest in a peak i hope this helped you come to a decision.  

If you wanna check out more Puffco products click the link below!

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