Product Review: Big Stiiizy Advanced Kit

Posted by Aaron Stimson on

Hey there Pottery crew, we're doing something a little different today instead of talking about a strain, we'll be talking about one of the batteries we carry. Stiiizy has been around for awhile in this game and they are one of the biggest names for cartridges/pods. Stiiizy is only compatible with there pods but that's okay because they have a very tasty and pretty diverse selection for you to choose from so don't worry your options aren't limited by there decision to not use the universal 3:10 thread most vaporizer batteries tend to be. This battery is the obviously the larger version of the normal Stiiizy meaning it hit's harder and has better battery life. We just brought this product back onto our menus after not carrying them for awhile so definitely be on the lookout for new flavors of Stiiizy pods dropping on our site. In my opinion this is one of the best Battery/pod combos due to the quality of the battery itself, & then the quality of their concentrates are top notch aswell. If you were looking for a new battery this might be the one you wanna check out! 

If you wanna check out our Stiiizy products click the link below!

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