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Pre-Rolls are the ultimate delivery item to receive... No rolling required, no grinder required, no bong, or pipe... the only thing needed is a lighter!  Many of our customers enjoy pre-rolls instead of ordering an 1/8th.  One of the other top benefits of pre-rolls is that you can mix and match your favorite strains instead of being stuck with just one or two flavors for your smoke session.

We currently carry a wide assortment of pre-rolls from different brands that can mixed into your 5 for $55 mix and match purchase.  We currently carry: Zeki, Connected, Glass House Farms, Fade Co, THC Design, LA Kush, Cream of The Crop, and The Weed Brand.  Our Fade Co. Pre-rolls are our top sellers, and now we carry an exclusive Fade Co. Pre-roll assortment available today for a top quality smoke session!

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