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Why shop with the Pottery Delivery? Besides our excellent customer service, low wait times, we also have the best pricing in the entire legal cannabis market for delivery!  Every day we price match with other services.  If a specific brand that is being carried at a lower price by another service, ask us about price matching!


Our main deals come in quantity.  We don't do deals on single items unless you're a first timer with us.  First time deals are 10% off entire orders!  To gain access to the rest of our deals you need to purchase a few items, but we can bet that these prices will beat any other legal service in your area!

Our Deals:

Pre-Rolls - In order to supply customers with pre-roll joints at an affordable price, we offer 5 Premium Pre Rolls for $55, or 10 Pre Rolls for $95!  Pre Rolls individually sell for $16 each, so you're looking at almost 40% in savings just from buying 5-10 pre rolls as opposed to buying a few individual pre rolls.

Quarter Ounces (1/4) - Notably with our $60 1/8ths we give about a $10 price reduction if buying a second 1/8th of the same product.  We always aim to sell by the 1/4 to give customers the best prices around by encourage our customers to buy an extra 1/8th to save at least $10!  Strains also come and go quickly, so buying an extra 1/8th at a discount is a great way to get your fix in on your favorite strain before it sells out!

Half Ounces for $215!- If you scroll down to our "Deals" section you'll find our 1/2 OZ Special!  Our half ounce special allows you to Mix and Match up to 4 1/8ths of any strain of your choice!  This is an even better option than just buying 2 1/4s separately.  To make the best usage of this deal we reccommend choosing 1/8ths that range from the $55 - $70 range to experience the most savings. If chosen carefully, this deal will allow you to save up to $65 on your order!


Full Ounce for $350 - Also located in our "Deals" section.  This deal operates under the same rules of the half oz deal, except you choose 8 1/8ths to fulfill the order.  Choosing strains over $60 will save you at least $170 on your full ounce order!


If you have any large order requests, feel free to give us a call, we operate in a flexible matter to meet our customers needs.  Please note that we cannot sell over 1 full oz of product per day to a single customer.  

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