How Does Delivery Work?

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Delivery with The Pottery is a unique experience.  Here at the pottery our drivers, bud tenders, and dispatchers are all educated fully on each product we carry.  Not sure on a strain to choose? Ask away via text message, phone call or email (

-All we need to make a delivery is a copy of your ID (to prove 21+) or medical recommendation (if under 21) and your delivery address! Once we receive those we send orders out immediately!


We take pride in making customers feel safe, discreet, and that their orders arrive in a timely manner.  Our drivers are equipped with the latest handheld card readers that have a swipe option for chips.  All of our card sales do require 10% additional charge on top of your order.  If you are a first time customer with us you will receive 10% off your entire order!  We do not store any card all!  So we will never ask to have a card on file.


Our drivers will never have you come up the car to do a delivery.  We are very much against this idea and if requested, our drivers can deliver straight to your door way.  If you feel more comfortable having them meet in front of your home, that is also ok with us!

Most of our orders are completed within 25-45 minutes within placing the order.  Sometimes orders can arrive within 10 minutes!  Our drivers very much appreciate tips, and all tips go to that specific driver.

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