Exercise and Cannabis

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There's a lot of debate out there with cannabis.  The most popular is "Does cannabis make you lazy and unmotivated?"  Most cannabis users enjoy its experience because of the relaxation benefits.  Some may say that being relaxed = being unmotivated and lazy.  Others claim that cannabis allows them to relax, get into their body, and focus on a deeper level when it comes to physical activity.  Sure some strains definitely leave us more prone to the infamous "couch lock" but many strains give us a new found appreciation for getting into our bodies and exercising to optimize health.

We asked some of our connoisseurs at The Pottery to share their experiences, and heres what they had to say:

Joey said,

"If I smoke a pure sativa, it gives me an uncontrollable urge to want to exercise, it feels like it was a match made in heaven!  I'll usually try a strain that has genetic shared with Jack Herer... you know, strains like Super Jack, J1, XJ-13."



"I suffer from from back pain, especially in my lower back, and if I smoke a sativa dominant hybrid, or a 50/50 hybrid, it gives me relief from my pain and allows me to focus on relaxing while taking a yoga class.  I leave class feeling more at ease with myself, a huge relief in back pain, and standing confident...It really just helps with general bodily awareness and getting into the zone.  Usually Something like gelato, Girl Scout Cookies, or Blue Dream...Usually from my pax era to reap the benefits of vaping vs. smoking."



"Cannabis tends to make me a little lazy if it's an Indica Dominant strain so I avoid those if I want to be more active. However, if I have some sativa and go for a run there's nothing quite like it.  I go into almost like a trance, set a great pace and really am able to keep my breath consistent and run a long distance... if I take my headphones with me it's truly a memorable experience. I feel like I'm training like a boxer from a movie!  I'll usually have a strain like White Buffalo, Tangie, or Super Silver Haze... not too much, but enough to definitely feel the effects.



"For me I'm not crazy about exercising after smoking cannabis, I don't mind something like a 5 mg edible to give me a little boost of awareness.  For me smoking a really nice indica after a heavy workout session is best.  It boosts my recovery time by allowing my stressed body to relax after really putting the work in.  I swear by it for recovery, and it really helps me get into deep stretches that I find much more difficult to achieve without cannabis.  Any OG, Purple Punch, Gorilla Glue 4 (GG4) are all great for maximizing your rest!"

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