Concentrates - 3 Amazing Wax Types!

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Hey there, if you're interested in dabbing you came to the right place to learn your information. Today i'll talk about three of my favorite forms you'll find all of these concentrates in deliveries & dispensaries throughout Los Angeles & the rest of California.                                                                                                         

The first form of concentrate is Live Resin Sauce which is probably the most popular option with brands such as ("Raw Garden","Terp Boys".) This technique which is done by freshly harvested buds are frozen and then the resin is extracted from the flowers. My personal opinion on this one is that it features a much wider taste palette then say a crumble would and provides a very strong high as live resin usually features THC percentages above 70%.                                 

The second form of concentrates we'll be talking about is going to be Rosin. This option is my favorite when done right but the drawback is this form is more expensive than the others. It’s made by extracting resin from flowers from applying heat and pressure. This form features in my opinion the strongest high as i have seen & tried THCa percentages from 65%-90%, I do not recommend this one for beginners. Best brands to try rosin from ("Blue River") which our retail store The Pottery always has in stock. 

The third form but certainly not the last is Water Hash or Bubble Hash same thing two different names. Basically, hash is made from the resin of the cannabis plant but this form is then concentrated more using nothing but ice and water, which eliminates the use of harsh chemicals in the extraction process. We just started carrying 'Fire King' ice water hash & it gets a highly recommend from me!                                                                                                                                  

Thanks for taking the time to read & i hope you learned some useful things to help you choose your next concentrates.                                                                   

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