Bongs, Pipes, Vapes, or Joints?

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There's plenty of ways for all of us out here to enjoy our cannabis.  Some of us like Joints, some enjoy a large draw from a bong, and some of us prefer to spare our lungs and vape.  Below well go over the pros and cons for each and figure out which may be best for your cannabis experiences.

Bong - A bong can be the most intense way to enjoy smoked cannabis.  When drawing from a bong nothing is wasted.  All of the smoke goes directly through the water and makes its way up to the tube for you to draw.  If you're getting low on your ganja this is an excellent way to get the most bang for your buck!  If you have plenty of work to do though a bong may not be the best since the high can sometimes be very intense depending on how experienced the smoker is.  Bongs with some ice cubes can also cut down a bit of the harshness associated with smoking which can be nice for those with sensitive lungs.  Basic bongs can be about $40-100 , and very complex art-based ones can go for $300+!


Pipes - Pipes are a much more mellow way to enjoy smoking herb.  You can also conserve quite a bit in a similar fashion as a bong if you are very careful with how to you burn the bowl.  A major con to smoking for a pipe is how harsh it can be.  The fire is not very far from where you inhale from so it sometimes is very hot and many complain about burnt lungs or throats.  If you take small puffs from a pipe you can conserve your weed, minimize burning your lungs, and keep a more controlled mellow high perfect for getting through an afternoon.  Pipes rarely leave you overwhelmed with too much marijuana in your system.  Try a silicon Eyce pipe for a reliable pipe that is resistant to breaking easily.


Joints - Ahhh, joints, the most original way to smoke cannabis.  Joints are great for a group of friends, just don't be that friend that forgets to pass it!  Smoking joints is a much more social way to enjoy cannabis because everyone usually takes a small puff or two and everyone slowly makes it to the same level of being high.  The major drawback with joints is the amount of weed that has to be used, and since it continuously burns, a lot of that weed goes to waste unfortunately!  Like joints? Try smoking more mid shelf weed since so theres less stress of wasting good weed while the joint is making its rounds in the group! The high from a joint is usually not too long and its usually much easier to have a more controlled/mellow high.


Vapes/Vaporizers - The most common vapes today are usually the oil based cartridges, which commonly are used for on the go or for those who very much dislike the act of smoking.  Vapes tend to produce an intense, clear headed high that last for about 1-2 hours max.  Smoking tends to last 2-4 hours.  The other type of vaporizers are the ones that use vaporized flowered cannabis.  Products like the Pax, Volcano, Davinci to name a few.  These will heat up your cannabis just before the combustion point and produce vapor from your cannabis.  Typically you can control the high well with these, and it usually doesn't last as long as smoking.  Vaporizers spare our precious lungs as well, and can still reach a level of highness similar to a bong for those dedicated to doing so.  Vaporizers typically conserve weed very well, but not quite as efficiently as a bong.  Vaporizer highs are typically described as feeling "cleaner" since there is no smoke involved.

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