Being Creative with Cannabis: Start Your Masterpiece

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How to get into the creative mindset while smoking cannabis.

Weed is a wonderful thing when used properly. Like anything, too much can lead to negative effects, but just the right amount and many report fantastic results.


Other than enjoying music, movies, and life more, smoking can also do things like lead to a more creative mindset. For people who aim to be creatives (writers, musicians, actors, etc.) cannabis has been shown to be able to bring about a mind state that bolsters their ability to perform.


So, how can we get to this point consistently? Well, there are a few things to take into consideration.


1. Know your smoking habits.


Do you smoke once a day? Once a week? Once a month? Depending on how often you smoke, your tolerance will be vastly different. Too much THC can lead to paranoia, laziness, and generally being out of touch with what’s happening around you. To avoid this smoke in small doses and wait 15-30 minutes to see how it effects you. If you smoke less than once a month, one hit from a joint or 1/4 of a bowl from a bong will probably get you to that sweet spot. Don’t over do it, unless you really want to - but we can almost guarantee you won’t be able to reach your creative peak if you over-indulge.

2. Know your strains.


We’ve been speaking with customers and patients for years now, finding out what they like and don’t like, and what helps them reach their specific goals. Delivering around a city like LA nets us a great fanbase and customer group; many artists, writers, and actors speak with us often. Most of these creative types like a sativa or a sativa hybrid to get them in the mindset to create. Surprisingly many also opt for the lower THC strains, although the veteran smokers like the top shelf. They also seem to like the flower more than cartridges, oils, edibles, or pods. This may be because of the cannabinoids that are preserved uniquely in flower as concentrates and other forms of THC can lose a lot of these precious naturally occurring chemicals. The best way to get a good feel for what will work best for you is to use our 5 for $55 prerolls option. Ask for a range of sativas and hybrids and we'll make sure to sort it out for you and get the weed delivered ASAP!


3. Have the right mindset


This is very important. Set up your desk or work station before indulging, and make sure you’ve got a snack, some water, and a clean area to focus. If you use a computer or laptop, try and quit out of any distracting applications or websites. Remember, your mind can easily wander with cannabis and maintaining focus is crucial to creating the perfect masterpiece. Getting delivery can help with this too, avoid the stress of traffic, parking, and whatever else and prepare yourself physically and mentally to be productive. Get set up for your first delivery here.



Many of our favorite movies/scripts, books, and albums were created with the help of cannabis, it really just comes down to knowing yourself, your strains, and being able to focus. So set some time aside, whip out your pen/keyboard/paintbrush/whatever and start creating!

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