510 Thread Cartridges: Which One is the Best for You?

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As with most cannabis products, there are hundreds of different brands that occupy the same space. Some are more legit than others and in this brand new industry it can be hard to find the ones that work perfectly for you. 

Because of this, we've decided we should write a blog post to outline some of our favorite and most recommended brands. We asked customers, budtenders, and brand ambassadors which brands they loved the most. Here are the results:

Select Cartridges: "Great value" says Karl, one of our budtenders. "They have a really high (on average) THC content so they're guaranteed to get the job done. The oil is pure distillate, so it is missing some of the cannabinoids that add flavor and texture to the oil, but if you're looking only for that THC content and high, these are the vapes for you."

Most Select cartridges range from 80%-96% THC, and they come in half and full gram cartridges. The value here is huge, with long lasting cartridges and a guaranteed good time every time, these would be our recommendation as a "staple" cartridge. Something that everyone will enjoy.


Rove: "Full of flavor and personality" says Britney, another one of our budtenders. "These cartridges aren't always as high in THC as Select, but THC isn't the only thing that matters. Sometimes thicker oil, like Rove, has better flavor and more cannabinoids. This means you get a more unique experience as cannabinoids can make certain cartridges have different effects. Indicas usually have more relaxation-inducing cannabinoids while sativas have more energy-inducing ones. Either way, Rove's oil keeps these cannabinoids and each flavor and strain is so different in how it makes you feel. This is a great way to experience cartridges that are representative of the flower the oil comes from.



Sherbinski: "Fire. Top shelf for cartridges," says Alex, a brand representative and budtender. They've been called the "Louis Vuitton" of cannabis with their distinct branding and high-end luxury quality. "Sherbinski pairs fantastic quality oil with obscure flavors and strains that no other brand really can compete with. You're not finding Mochi Gelato cartridges with anyone other than Sherbinski. Definitely worth a try for more experienced vapers who are looking for something unique.


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